Title: I Shall Believe


Author: Cathey Scully


Rating: R


Category: S, R, A, Pre-XF, AU, Kidfic


Keywords: Mulder/Scully Romance, Alternate Universe


Spoilers: Everything, Seasons 1-8


Summary: Over the years, anything can happen.


Disclaimer: Okay, you really think that if I owned them, would I not have put this on the show already?† Not mine and donít even bother suing me.† All youíll get is a computer and a ton of XF stuff.† Probably way too much XF stuff than a healthy sane person has.† The title is a Sheryl Crow song, which inspired this fic.† I donít own that.


Archiving: Anywhere, just tell me first, and keep my names on it.† CatheyScully@the-pentagon.com


Feedback: you know I want it, so donít be shy, just be sensitive.


Notes: Okay, I know that this would never have happened in Chrisís universe.† Disregard anything you have ever been told about the x files, Iím changing it.


Impossibly long notes that I think you need to read before you begin reading the fic:† This fic was started in January of the year 2000.† It was meant to be only a short thing, but it manifested into this.† I wrote the parts about season 8, before ever seeing season 8.† All I had to guide me was spoilers.† Therefore, most of the details are wrong compared to the Season 8 that everyone knows from broadcast.† I ask for you to keep that in account, and when you get to the parts about season 8, and not dismiss it outright.† Thanks.


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